CMOG's selection of paper bags.

We have two types of bags:-
And the special occasions so far:-

Theme : Mickey Mouse

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!

Sms received from Pn Maria - "Thanks a lot. Really nice! Rasa nak order lagi for saja2. Best sangat!"

Thanks to you too Maria!

Theme : For Girls.

Princess Zara loves pink and here's the design that I made especially for her topper.

The princess's grandmother wants me to fill up the party bag with favours. Since I'm not a big fan of too much candies and sweets in the bag, so I opt for things that the children could make full use of.

Contents of the bag:-
1. A small purse
2. Sticker
3. Paint set
4. Hand Clap (noise maker)
5. A chocolate bar

Hope the princess and her grandmother love it!

An email received from Kak Fari -"Thanks so much for taking my order for my princess. She absolutely loved it so much! The look on her face is priceless! Thank you so much again!

Lovely and thanks for adding Zara's goodies bags... so sweet of you"

Nothing could beat the feeling of having to satisfy a child's desire..Thanks to you too Kak Fari!

Theme : Black, Red and White

Personalized Topper for Aqiqah - a combination of Black, Red and White.

I simply love the vibrant color!

Biggest Loser in Bursa?

Are you a big fan of the reality show Biggest Loser?

Then why don't you come out with the same competition within your community or the company that you worked for? That's what this people do..

And at the end of the competition, each contestant got its own paper bag with full of healthy goodies for them...

We have variety of colors for the paper bag...and all bags come with a sweet polka dot ribbon.
Min order 12 bags.

Do email me to know further.